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The Better Mouse Trap  PB9716B/L02
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Prod. Code: The Better Mouse Trap PB9716B/L02


CIS Security Solutions offers our exclusive “Mouse Trap” tether device in several different configurations. Each tether has up to a 52” reach so consumers can touch, feel, and test out product prior to purchase. No matter what you want to protect, we have a tether that can fit your needs. All of our mouse trap line now has increased strength of up to 120 lb. pull strength.
Protect your "High Price" items from shoplifters.


Designer Handbag Security Device  Retail Security - Mouse Trap (2) Designer Handbag Anti Theft Device
“Mouse Trap” # 1 - CIS -1300
Alarming tether that produces 90 Db alarm when activated. Uses magnet to release locking loop. Allen wrench adjusts size of loop.
90 Db alarm will sound if wire loop or wire tether is cut anywhere along the cord. Alarm will also sound if unit is removed from fixture. Can also be ordered without alarm.
Great for protecting expensive handbags, sport shoes with laces or any item that the end loop can be hooked into.


“Mouse Trap # 2
Same functions as Mouse
Trap # 1 except when loop
is released with magnet,
alarm will sound. Locking
loop end has blinking
warning light that blinks
every 8 seconds.
Mouse Trap # 3
Same functions as Mouse Trap # 1
except locking loop is released via Allen
wrench. Can also be ordered without
 Mouse Trap (4) Retail Security  Retail Anti Theft Alarming Pull Box  Retail Anti Theft Pull Box
Mouse Trap # 4
Same as Mouse Trap # 1 but loop is replaced by -exible ( concave / convex) plastic end peice that can be attached to various non-flat surfaces via adhesive base.
Alarm will sound if tether is cut
or end piece or unit is removed
from product /fixture.
Great for protecting laptops,
cameras, tools, and other
expensive merchandise that can’t be hooked up with a loop.


Mouse Trap # 5
Same as Mouse Trap # 4 but end of tether
is replaced by small round attachment that
can be adhered to various merchandise.
Great for protecting iPhones, iPads,
tablets, and other electronics.

Mouse Trap # 6

Same as Mouse Trap # 5 but with a larger
round attachment for a rmer grip on
larger merchandise.
   Retail Anti Theft Security  


comes in Black and White

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Mouse Trap # 7
Same as Mouse Trap # 5 except the
end has a USB connector (also
available with mini USB). Unit will
alarm when USB is removed or unit
is removed from fixture.
Great for protecting computers and
other electronic devices that have a
USB interface.
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