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Recoiler (PB9610)
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Recoiler (PB9610)

Recoiler (PB9610)

The recoiler (PB9610) with temporary stop function for the cable.

There is a pause function for the cable of this reel, suitable for security for small electronic products such as glasses frames and ear phones etc. While the cable inside the box is pulled out, it can temporarily stop at the certain position. Pull the same cable once again. It will then retract to the inside of the box. This will guarantee convenience for customer to try the displayed articles, because there would not be retraction strength for the customers.

This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. The box can be fixed on the back of display cabinet by screw or adhesive tape.

Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside. Long side exit (A exit) / Short side exit (B exit) / Middle exit (on the long side of box) (C exit) for cable ends are available for your options.

Standard configurations for stock goods are as follows as routine:
Product size: 7x4.5x2.4Cm (2.76”x1.77”x0.945”)
Box color: black
Cable diameter: 0.11Cm (0.043”)
Cable color: coated with transparent nylon on the outside of cable
Cable length: 96Cm (37.8”)
Cable end exit: C exit (middle exit on the long side of box)
Cable retraction force options: 1/4Lb (120g), 1/3Lb (150g), 1/2Lb (220g), 1.2Lb (530g)



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