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Flux Padlock Tag
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The FLUX Tag

A REVOLUTIONARY ALARMING TAG that seamlessly connects with out complete line of recoiling tethers!
Multiple options boasting 5 alarming features and an all in one decoder
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FLUX Alarming Tag
 Flux 1.0
  • Flux Padlock Tag will alarm if the pullbox tether is cut.
  • Flux Padlock Tag will alarm if the tether is pried away from fixture.
  • If the merchandise leaves the store without the tag being removed the EAS pedestal will alarm - (both RF and AM systems)
  • EXCLUSIVE Flux Decoder will shut off alarm and release tether.
  • Flux Padlock Tag loop length is customizable to suit your needs.
  • No more throwing out tags due to dead batteries and cut loops all are replaceable.


The Flux Padlock Tag system offers the best options for retailers when protection of merchandise calls for padlock tags and/or tethers.

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Flux 2.0

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