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The Siren Tag - Dual Alarming Tag CISnt501
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Retail Theft Prevention

The Siren Tag (CISnt501)

is a Dual Alarming Padlock Tag that dynamically deters theft. Long battery life, compact size,  and water resistance is not all this tag boasts. Designed with an Auto-Arm feature it decreases the time required to attach and arm the tag.  You quickly disarm and remove the tag using a handheld or counter-top detacher. This tamper resistant tag, although small, sends a big message to professional thieves to avoid your protected products.  With the Siren’s low cost and high ROI it is not just for protecting your high end apparel, handbags, and luxury goods.  You can protect all hot button merchandise that is at risk without deterring your actual customers.


The Siren Tag - Duel Alarming Tag

95db Alarming Tag 


AM or RF 



~Auto Arm feature. Disarm w/ Handheld or Counter-top Magnetic Keys 


Battery Conservation Mode

            ~increases battery life 


Low Battery Indication

            ~Notification sound and light 




Strong Visual Deterrent

            ~ Blinking LED Light 


7 strand coated steel cable

            ~ custom length (9cm standard) 

Cannot be “jumped” 


Water resistant

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