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CIS 113-BT Bill Detector

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CIS 113 NP bill detector


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The CIS 113 BT is an extremely accurate counterfeit bill detector. It recognizes all U.S. bills from the $1 to the $100. It can detect the best fake bills including the "Super Notes".

The 113 BT counterfeit bill detector automatically pulls bills into the unit and ejects bills from either the front or back of the machine.

The CIS 113 BT is fast. It can verify a bill in less than 1/2 second.

The detector checks several covert security features found on U.S. currency.

This detector can be operated using either our rechargeable battery pack or plugged in to an outlet.

The CIS 113 BT counterfeit bill detector can be made totally portable by using the included CIS rechargeable battery. The battery is charged when the unit is plugged into an outlet. On a full charge the battery will last about 8 hours. On battery power the detector will shut off after about 5 minutes in order to conserve battery power. If the unit is off, simply turn it back on to check bills.

Future currency updates via micro-SD card.




"This unit will detect the Super $100 bill” 

4100 dollar bill detection

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