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Scorpion Wrap Tag
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The Scorpion Wrap Tag

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Retail Alarming Security Tag 
Alarming Scorpion Wrap Tag / Cell Phone Retail Theft Prevention
 Alarming Security Tags / Scorpion Wrap Tag / Anti Shoplifting Device
  • 98db Alarming Tag
~ Tag section replaceable
  • AM or RF
  • Exclusive IR Magnetic Key
~ unauthorized magnet activates alarm
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Earth Friendly.
  • Multi function cable design
  •  Auto Retracting Design
~Quick application & easy storage
  • Strong Visual Deterrent
~Blinking LED Light
  • 7 strand coated steel cable
  • Unlimited Lifespan
~interchangeable parts & batteries



 Scorpion Wrap Tag


The Scorpion Wrap Tag / 3 alarming wrap tag

Cell Phone - Retail Theft Prevention - The Scorpion Wrap Tag


Are all security wraps alike?
NO, but the differences are minimal
     The CIS Scorpion is wrapping product protection like no other. The Auto retracting, adjustable, and customizable wrapping section expand the range of products that can be protected with the 3 Alarming Scorpion.  The auto retracting design keeps the 7 strand coated steel cable from getting tangled and makes storage a breeze.  Unauthorized Magnet Keys will cause the alar to sound If a thief attempts to deactivate the Scorpion.  CIS' Exclusive IR Magnetic Key is the only way to deactivate the Scorpion tag and with our universal design our IR Magnetic Key can deactivate most other wrapping tags in the market today.  Interchangeable alarming section, wrap section and replaceable batteries help create the Scorpion's
Unlimited Lifespan.
GIVE US A CALL TODAY at 772-287-7999! We’ll tell you how this inexpensive system can protect your most expensive products.

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