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The Gen 5 Alarming Tether

Anti Theft Device

Gen 5 alarming tether



Gen 5 Tether; The Gen 5 alarming tether allows you to replace the alarm component, the retractable tether, or just the battery with ease.  No need to remove the tether from the merchandise or the fixture, costing valuable labor. Allows you to reuse the functioning part of the unit saving you on product cost and saving space in landfills. With our discreet 7 stand steel wire we now have 120 lb. pull strength.  Alarming function is easily activated with no tool necessary and with a discreetly placed hole that cannot be manipulated without the Decoder.  Turn unit off with handheld 2-in-1 Decoder or easy switch.  Larger battery; 3-5 years standby time. When not protecting product (Pin is not locked) it will go into standby mode.  T-Stop to secure tether “lead” position, preventing smaller merchandise from being pulled off balance and allowing proper merchandising of displays.  The new housing design provides for perfect placement of the decoder’s IR and magnetic release to allow for quick and easy deactivation, clutch release, or battery replacement.The Gen 5 is the latest evolution in the Mousetrap line of alarming recoiling tethers and can be used on handbags, briefcases, backpacks, cell phones, jewelry, watches, and more...


 Alarms if Gen 5 is pulled off fixture
 Alarms if tether is cut
 Alarms if unauthorized magnet is used
 Alarms if attempts to twist off the end
 Alarms if top is removed without IR release
 Cannot be “jumped”
 Reactivates alarm automatically when plugged back in. 
 Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed.
 Visual deterrent.  2 LED lights blink every 8-10 seconds.


 Replaceable Alarm Component
 Replaceable tether component
 Easily Replaceable Batteries (only 1 screw)
 The Gen 5 and Decoder can be customized to a unique IR signature for your brand, certain stores or even specialty zones within stores.
 Perfect placement of decoder for easy release.
 98 dBl alarm
 3 – 5 year standby battery life
 All in One decoder used with the 5MM Alarming Tether Alarming Component for the 5MM Alarming TetherReplacement Parts for the 5MM Alarming TetherEasy Deactivation or Battery Replacement for the 5MM Alarming Tether

Different ends that can be used with the Gen5

Different ends that are available for the Gen5

Gen5 Information Sheet

Patent Number # 9489808, D823354 and 9711032


CLICK TO READ - LPRC Research Report CIS Gen-5


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