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Tick- r-Tape Mini

The NEW MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag

Retail Anti-Theft Device

Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag by CISSS INC.


The MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag is smaller version of the Tick-R-Tape Tag, with less alarms and a smaller footprint. The MINI Tick-R-Tape is a Package Tag perfect for a big package, small package or even a soft package.

Similar tags require several styles of the same tag to accomplish different solutions in the same store. This versatile tag can be used alone, or with our customizable conductive non-residue adhesive tape or corner label, creating up to 3-way alarming from one tag.

The MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag is a smart tag that is versatile, and economical.  The clear disposable bases eliminate the labor required to scrape, clean and replace adhesives.  The clear optional Hang Tab can be attached to the package and the base is mounted on top of that, to convert your “tabletop” merchandise to “hanging” merchandise in just a few seconds.

Because of the all-in-one Smart Tag.  When the tag arms, it lets you know that all connections have been made with audible and visual indicators. The MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag is small and sleek and will alarm at 95+ decibels.


*      Alarms if the conductive Tape/Corner Label is cut or removed

*      Alarms if the tag passes though EAS pedestals

*     Cannot be “jumped”

*      Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed

*      Visual deterrent.  LED light blinks every 8-10 seconds




*      Can be used alone or with strips of conductive tape or Corner Label

*      Smart Tag recognizes how many circuits to arm

*      Replaceable Conductive Tape/ Corner Label

*      3 to 5-year standby battery life

*       Disposable bases cut labor costs to change adhesives


Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag with 1 Tape Mini Tic-R-TapeTag with Corner Label Mini Tick-R-Tape Use by Itself Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag with 1Tape
With 1 Tape With Corner Label Use by itself Increases Shelf Space Available


This is truly the next step in the evolution of the Smart Tag. Contact us for more information. 772-287-7999

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Tick R Tape Tag Mini Information Sheet


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