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The CIS 14The CIS 143 reads any bill, no matter the orientation! The CIS 143 approves the bill using Ultra Violet, Magnetic, Infrared, and Water Mark detection. Saving time and money, the CIS 143 is fast enough to check any bill in less than one second. After a bill is validated, a GREEN LED will light if the bill passes inspection or a RED LED will light if bill is suspect.

The CIS 143 is so accurate that it detects washed bills and “Super Bills”. The counterfeit known as the “Super Bill" is produced on high-end printing presses by professional counterfeiters.

The CIS 143 is fast, economical, and easy to use. The Clamshell design make it easy to clean and easy to clear jammed bills.

It will keep counterfeit bills out of your tills and away from your bottom line.

Gen 5  Alarming Recoiling Tether allows you to secure merchandise while allowing for a positive customer experience.  Replace the alarm component, the retractable tether/base, or just the battery with ease.  No need to remove the tether from the merchandise or the fixture, costing valuable labor. Allows you to reuse the functioning part of the unit saving you on product cost and saving space in landfills.  See the LPRC Research Report in our blog page.

Gen325 alarming tether gives you more versatility than ever!  Now you can upgrade from the Gen325 to the Gen5 at half the cost by replacing the bottom portion only.  Our new style allows the same alarming top to be used on both bases, and it knows the difference between the 2 styles.  

Gen6 SR alarming tether system allows you to protect your merchandise, with a smart release lock and alarming tether that talk to each other for an added level of security and eases the deactivation process.  Like its predecessor, the Gen5, the NEW Gen6 SR has a replaceable tether base, alarming top, and battery.  No need to remove the tether from the fixture to change the battery.

Gen6 SP with Smart Padlock Tag is unique and versatile.  The Gen6 SP can be mounted flat on the fixture using adhesive or screws… OR… It can be mounted using our exclusive system under tables or between vertical slotted uprights for adjustable shelving.  This NEW alarming tether has an extra thick 49 strand cable that is flexible and strong.  

Gen6 HD with Heavy Duty Padlock Tag is unique and versatile.  The Gen6 HD can be mounted flat on the fixture using adhesive or screws… OR… It can be mounted using our exclusive system under tables or between vertical slotted uprights for adjustable shelving.  This NEW alarming tether has an extra thick 49-strand stainless steel cable that is flexible and strong enough to pull a Jeep.

Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag A 2-alarm tag that is discreet yet loud.  Will work with your EAS pedestals in AM or RF.  Can be used alone with just the disposable base, with one strip of conductive tape or with the corner label.  Perfect size for cosmetics, gift sets, electronics and more.

Tick-R-Tape Tag A versatile alarming tag that can be used in multiple ways:  Alone, with a single corner label, one strip of conductive tape, or two strips of conductive tape.  Leave the base and tape on the package and you only keep the tag!  Will alarm up to 6 different ways!  See the LPRC Research Report in our blog page.

CIS Convertible alarming padlock tag has multiple looks & uses.Loop It, Pin It, or Tether It. The CIS Convertible alarms at 98 dB to alert associates if the tag has been tampered with, deterring potential theft.  It will work with your current RF or AM pedestals.  Can only be released with our exclusive All-in-One Decoder.  Replaceable batteries, loops and pins give the CIS Convertible an unlimited lifespan.  See the LPRC Research Report on our blog page.

Siren Tag The Dual Alarm Padlock Tag that dynamically deters theft. Long battery life, compact size and water resistance is not all this tag boasts.  It screams at 98 dB to let you know when someone tampers with it. 

Mini UV Flashlight This compact UV (ultraviolet) light has 9 high output, extended life LED lights, which emit a direct UV beam to detect security images, or UV ink embedded in most currency, major credit cards and identification cards.  Great for identifying stolen items marked with UV ink!


Scratch & Secure UV Plus POS Rolls Protect yourself against fraudulent duplication of receipts with our exclusive Scratch & Secure POS rolls, offering you the highest level of security for your paper receipts on the market today!  Contains an EAS core, that will alarm your EAS pedestals if someone tries to sneak them out the door.



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