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CIS Security Solutions is a leading loss prevention, product and service provider offering, retail loss prevention products, retail security products, theft prevention devices, shoplifting prevention devices, products to detect security images, tamper evident labels, quick and accurate bill reader and more...

Retail Security Solutions and Anti-Theft Devices

The NEW Gen 5 alarming tether allows you to replace the alarm component, the retractable tether, or just the battery with ease.  No need to remove the tether from the merchandise or the fixture, costing valuable labor. Allows you to reuse the functioning part of the unit saving you on product cost and saving space in landfills.

 The new CIS Convertible alarming padlock tag has multiple looks & uses.

Loop It, Pin It, Tether It.
The CIS Convertible alarms at 98 dB to alert associates if the tag has been compromised, deterring potential theft.
The CIS Convertible will work with your current RF or AM pedestals.  Your merchandise will not go quietly into the night because of an unauthorized magnetic key.  The CIS Convertible can only be securely released with our authorized All-in-One Decoder. Replaceable batteries, loops and pins give the CIS Convertible an unlimited lifespan.  Don't throw away old tags due to use & increase you ROI!

The FLUX Tag - A REVOLUTIONARY ALARMING TAG that seamlessly connects with out complete line of recoiling tethers! Multiple options boasting 5 alarming feature and an all in one decoder.

Retail Theft Prevention | EAS Anti Shoplifting Product

The Siren Tag - Dual Alarming Padlock Tag that dynamically deters theft. Long battery life, compact size,  and water resistance is not all this tag boasts
Retail Theft Prevention | EAS Anti Shoplifting Product

Pull Boxes | Alarming Pull Boxes - Designer Handbag Security Devices
CIS Security Solutions now offers a complete line of pull boxes that can meet just about any situation. Retail Security Solution and Anti-Theft Devices

A handy easy-to-use tool featuring 14-high output extended life LED lights, which emit a direct UV beam to detect security images, or markers embedded in most currency, major credit cards, …

Scratch & Secure UV Plus 

Protect yourself against fraudulent duplication of receipts with Nashua’s exclusive Scratch & Secure POS rolls, offering you the highest level of security for your paper receipts on the market today!

The Quick & Accurate Bill Reader reduces counterfeit losses and is accurate and reliable. It gives immediate bank note verification with a speed of 1 note/0.5 sec. Multi-detection functions: Watermark Infrared 

UV Marker Pen

An economical and convenient device for tracking documents or objects...




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