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CIS Security Solutions and Peter Morello have been providing loss prevention and asset protection solutions to the retail industry for over 30 years.  CIS Security Solutions is heavily involved in the design and development of their products, changing the technology as needed, to answer the needs of the retail industry in fighting shoplifting, forged notes, and ORC.  Whether you need a counterfeit bill detector, an alarming tether, a money counting scale, an alarming EAS tag, a locking peghook, register rolls with special ink or just about anything else to turn the criminals away…CIS has a solution for you.

Our alarming, IR protected recoiling tethers have saved our customers millions of dollars in loss, while still allowing the customer to have a pleasant shopping experience.  Our counterfeit detectors have helped stores in high crime areas to no longer be victims of counterfeit bill passers, thereby saving not only the cash value, but saving the value of the products and labor to investigate them.  Our Scratch & Secure register rolls have helped prevent return fraud for years, with an EAS core as an added feature.

CIS Security Solutions does not just provide the products on our website.  We have a team of designers and engineers that are ready to help nurture new ideas into reality.  Our products are tested in retail stores and several have been researched by the Loss Prevention Research Council.  See our blog page to read the results of these reports.  Check out the testimonials from some of our customers, under the Relationships tab.  Do you have a unique problem? 

At CIS Security Solutions we offer:  security productscurrency detection equipmentcounterfeit protectioncounterfeit  currency detectors,  counterfeit bill detectors as well as counterfeit detection, scanner, pull boxesalarming pull boxesrecoilersretail anti-theft devicesreceipt fraudand more….

Contact us and let us see what solutions may suit your needs.  Our customer service team will treat you right.

32v Counterfeit Detection The CISS v32

NEW Tick-R-Tape Tag NEW Tick-R-Tape Tag


Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag, Retail Anti Theft Device The MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag

Gen 5 Alarming Tether used for Retail Anti-Theft SecurityBest Seller Gen 5 Alarming Tether


Convertible Alarming Tag     CIS Convertible Alarming  Padlock Tag


 CIS Allarming Security Pull Boxes     CIS Alarming Security Pull Boxes-Anti-Shoplifting Products

 CIS 143

CIS 143    4 Direction Bill Reader


Gen6 The Gen6


Counterfeit Detection Machines, Anti Theft Devices& Security Pull Boxes



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