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The NEW style of the Gen325 alarming tether gives you more versatility than ever!  Now you can upgrade from the Gen325 to the Gen5 at half the cost by replacing the bottom portion only.  Our new style allows the same alarming top to be used on both bases, and it knows the difference between the 2 styles.  The Gen325 alarms if the tether is cut, the base is separated from the fixture, or an unauthorized detacher is used on the alarming top.  The locking loop can be released with our exclusive All-in-one handheld decoder without using the IR portion, but the alarming top is protected, requiring our exclusive handheld decoder to deactivate.


 Alarms if Gen325 is pulled off fixture                   

 Alarms if tether is cut

 Alarms if top is removed without IR release

 Cannot be “jumped”

 Audio/Visual confirmation when armed or disarmed. 

 Visual deterrent.  2 LED lights blink every 8-10 seconds.                                              



 Replaceable Alarm Component

 Replaceable tether component

 Easily Replaceable Batteries (only 1 screw)

 The Gen 325 and Decoder can be customized to a unique IR signature for your brand, certain stores or even specialty zones within stores.

 Perfect placement of decoder for easy release.

 98 dBl alarm

  3 – 5-year standby battery life


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Gen 325 Information Sheet

Gen3 vs Gen325


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