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The Gen5 Alarming Tether... Over One Million Sold
Now, Meet the NEW Gen6 with the NEW Smart Padlock
Gen 6
GEN5 Alarming Tether with replaceable components (battery, alarming component and tether base), 7-strand cable, and protective sleeve. MORE...
New Gen 6
The Gen6 Alarming Tether with larger replaceable components (battery, alarming component and tether base), thicker 49-strand cable with protective sleeve, the NEW exclusive Gen6 handheld decoder, and the NEW Smart Padlock Tag. 

"We have had a history of handbag shortages and the predominant cause has been theft. The iconic handbags we carry have been a target of grab and run type thefts. Utilizing CIS’s tethers has been the number one reason we have realized shortage improvement in handbags." 
Chad McIntosh ~ VP of AP & Risk Mgmt. - Bloomingdale's
"After working with other companies and using their tethers over the years, I can honestly say CIS Security Solutions has the best alarming tethers on the market. They truly set the bar when it comes to handbag protection. The CIS team consistently gives outstanding customer service, as they go above and beyond to help their clients. This is a company that listens to what the customers need and evolves with the times!"
The RealReal ~ Andre Lawrence ~ Senior Loss Prevention Manager of Retail and Sales Operations
LPRC Research Reports on CIS Gen5
The Results are impressive...
"The test stores using the Gen5 alarming tethers and the Convertible alarming Tag had significant shrink results in just 6 months. Results indicate a significant increase of 19% in shrinkage for these categories in control stores not using CIS products, while the test stores using CIS' products experienced a 33% decrease in shrinkage during that same time frame.  "
"The total pre to post test change in shrink differs between control stores and those protected by CIS by 52%" 
"The EAS Detacher report was designed to reflect the availability of detachers to the public in order to detach/defeat the various EAS products protecting merchandise. CIS' Next Generation technology enables clients stay ahead of ORC and shoplifters. CIS is continually improving products with the input from clients. Retailers are reducing shrink and increasing profitability by using CIS products with the exclusive CIS Handheld Decoders."
"CIS’s detacher was not available for sale on eBay,, Amazon, or anywhere else." - Mike Giblin, LPRC
LPRC Research Report: click Here for full report
Convertible IR/Magnet Tag and Gen5 Tether

The Gen 5 Alarming recoiling tether made an impact on the offenders in test stores:


"In response to the Gen-5 Tether, offenders rated their likelihood of attempting to steal an item protected by the tether at 1 out of 7, “Extremely unlikely”. Not a single offender was at all willing to attempt theft of an item protected by this solution. (Fear It)."

"Given the choice between the 2 technologies in their current states, 80% of associates selected the Gen-5 Tether, while 0% selected the older tether technology and 20% had no preference."