Counterfeit Money Detection


Counterfeit money detection



The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the disease COVID-19, also known as the Novel (new) Corona Virus. While the symptoms are Fever, Cough and Trouble breathing, not everyone will get it, and est. 97% of those who do become ill, will recover. The idea of self isolation (quarantine) or social distancing (keep 6 feet away from everyone) is to stay away from people for a couple of weeks to avoid both getting it and/or avoid being a carrier. This pandemic is hitting everyone in one way or another, whether impacting self, friends, family and/or work.

Readhelpful tips from the World Health Organization for ways to protect yourself from the Corona Virus.

"You can’t take care of anyone else unless you first take care of yourself.”― Michael Hyatt


Businesses all over the world are being impacted not only from the virus itself, but from the social distancing, self isolation and reduced operating hours in businesses, required to stop the spread of this disease. Bars, restaurants, casinos, night clubs and Schools are closing all over the country, leaving a challenge for the working parents to show up for their shifts, or even have a shift to show up for...

In many areas police departments are not sending patrols to what they call low level crime (shoplifting, receipt fraud, counterfeit bills being passed, etc.) because they are also being socially distanced so they can be healthy to catch the more dangerous criminals and save innocent lives.

From small businesses to convenience stores to big box stores, everyone is being impacted by this pandemic. What happens when those "low level" criminals are no longer self isolating and socially distancing themselves from your stores? How will your employees handle it?

Check for counterfeit money-Real or Fake?

Real or Fake Money?

We are already seeing and hearing about increased theft, fraud and increased number of counterfeit bills being passed.

You may not be able to buy hand sanitizer right now, but you can buy fake money online... Lots of it.

CIS is ready to help where we are needed. We are Loss Prevention Solutions Providers first and foremost, and have been for 31 years. We help businesses protect their assets, whether physically tethered, wrapped, pinned or labeled, and we can help you stop the acceptance of counterfeit currency.

Check your Money. Real or Fake?  Counterfeit money protection


Check your Money. Real or Fake?  Counterfeit money protection


Counterfeit money detection

Counterfeiting is definitely on the rise, and it's in most likely already in your town.

In the past, most thought that counterfeiters only made fake $20, $50, or $100 bills. Now they are counterfeiting $10, $5, and $1 bills.


The CIS 143 4-way counterfeit detector will validate bills in under 0.5 seconds, checking on multiple levels for authenticity. Insert bills from any direction for ease of use.

The CIS 143 WILL catch the Super Bills.

Very affordable and reliable, with a 3 year warranty! Join the list of retailers using the CIS 143.

Counterfeit money detection devices

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