Are Your Gifts Protected

Are the Holiday Gift Sets/Electronics protected?

Running out of shelves? We have the answer:

The NEW Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag is a small, compact alarming tape tag that can be used alone, with tape, or corner label to secure those small packages for fragrances, cosmetics, gift sets and more.

The clear base will adhere almost anywhere. The tape will assure it stays there. Can be removed with your own detachers.

Now there is even more versatility for the MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag! Before you apply the base, apply the handy hang tab, and free up valuable shelf space!
  MINITick-R-Tape Tag with Hanger

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Mini Tick-R-Tape Tag with Corner Tag  

Use alone, with tape or with the corner label to secure those items that leave the store without being paid for ... Like expensive cup lids, battery packs, cosmetics, electronics and accessories.

actual size is max. L 2" x W 1 5/8 "

NEW MINI Tick-R-Tape Tag


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