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November 2019

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Want To Buy Counterfeit Money?

Are the Counterfeiters Scamming the Scammers?

While searching the internet for information to share for this edition, we came upon some sketchy new websites. Although they are different, the wording, pictures and the poor translations into English are shared. This leads us to believe they are fake accounts from offshore. One site even claims it was down for 6 months so they could "study" the currency to make better counterfeits. They even tell you where to try to pass the fake money.


From one of these websites:

"To Being with, Please be aware that we sale only super usable bank notes not prop money this bank notes are to be use in super markets , ATM , fuel station , casino’s games , pay bank loans , pay house bills etc . Please we only work with serious consumers don’t contact us if you are not prepared for business . All our services are all round the clock we are ready to welcome all of you out there which are ready to make move with us. Remember heaven help only those who help them selves . Furthermore, This bank notes are printed and tested before shipping we have prove of all our work you don’t have anything to be worry about . Fake Money That Looks Real,Counterfeit Money For Sale, Fake Money For Sale

20% Per Transaction (Minimum Order 50,000)"


If this site is a scam, they get at least $10k each time... If the site is real, they claim there is over 1 billion dollars of their fake money out there in circulation.


Physically checking the security features and using the counterfeit detection pen is wasting time when there are articles out there that advise:


"Tip: If you’re going to pay with prop money, you’re probably better off trying to score hamburgers than drugs. Criminals seeking to pass low-quality bills seem to do best targeting businesses where cashiers are bored and customers impatient, such as fast-food restaurants and gas stations. Other tricks include crumpling bills (to disguise the cheap paper stock) and spraying them with starch (which helps evade detection by an iodine pen).

~From The Atlantic Magazine



This year, CIS Security Solutions has developed the CIS 143 affordable 4-way "Goof Proof" counterfeit detector.


This compact unit will verify bills in less than 1/2 second, inserted from any direction, with audible and visual PASS/FAIL indicators and 99.99% accuracy.


It WILL catch the Super Bills.



...And The Most Popular Fakes Are

Sometimes, counterfeiting the money itself is not necessary. The crooks simply are placing orders on any of the large websites for play money or motion picture money, and passing them to the businesses. A bad $20 can result in over $100 in loss, depending on the circumstances.


From 20s to 100s - There are washed bills, movie money and "for counting practice" bills, as it says in Chinese, being passed as authentic currency. Online has become the easiest and most popular way to not only obtain the "play" money, but also genuine counterfeits. The sites mentioned above want you to sign up, then they send you another link to another website for payment and shipping information. DO they actually ship? We don't know, We didn't try it. However, Amazon and Wish will deliver the fake money shown below, right to your door in as little as 24 hours.



Fake: Motion Picture Money, or "Prop Money" is clearly marked, but often not "seen". Check for this on the bills. Available in all denominations online. The ribbon/ images are printed and NOT moving when tilted.


Real: The pictures on the ribbon move when the bill is tilted. The ribbon is not printed, it is embedded with hundreds of thousands of micro lenses, and is textured to the touch.

Although this may look real, the chinese writing states it is "for Counting Practice". Note the dashed line across the corner on the back and the brightly colored Chinese writing. These notes are being passed and accepted as real money, especially in locations that have temporary associates who may not know what to look for.


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