January 31, 2019 @ 1:07 PM

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2 DSW Stores participated in Part I of LPRC/CIS Security Solutions testing of the CIS Gen5, and the results are in!

Offenders were interviewed by members of the Loss Prevention Research Council regarding the Gen5. Here are some excerpts:

OffendersGen 5

1.     Do active offenders notice (See It) the CIS Gen5?

2.     Do offenders understand the purpose (Get It) of the CIS Gen5, as well as

perceive it to be a credible threat (Fear It)?

3.     Does the CIS Gen5 influence potential shoplifting behavior in offenders?

Offenders were presented with a high end hand bag and asked if they noticed any deterrents on the product. 100% of offenders noticed (See It) the Gen-5 Tether.

While 100% identified the tag as a deterrent (Get It), 80% of offenders also understood the mechanism of the tether, correctly guessing that the tag had a built in alarm that would go off when any part of the tether was cut or the entire tether was removed.

In response to the Gen 5 Tether, offenders rated their likelihood of attempting to steal an item protected by the tether at 1 out of 7, “Extremely unlikely”. Not a single offender was at all willing to attempt theft of an item protected by this solution. (Fear It).

Direct Offender Feedback/Suggestions:

Below are direct quotes of interest from the offenders.

•    “I’d go to a different store and I’ll tell you why, this store looks like they’ve got their s&%# together because of this. This is way better.”

•  “Too complicated and too much time, wouldn’t even touch it or bother

•  “I like the size. It’s pretty cool. It’s actually scary to us habitual shoplifters. Too much f&#*ing work. You’ll get caught.”

•   “Never seen before. Don’t know if alarm would go off.Would leave alone”

•  “Obviously if you try to cut it it’s gonna go off. This is crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it before. More threatening than what I usually see. You’d have a hard time”

Overall Recommendations

An increase in offender deterrence was the theme of this research, with additional sales and shrink data coming in 2019. Gen 5 Offender Deterrence

The Gen-5 tether rated very high on offender deterrence, performing as well as any technology that LPRC has tested in this initial test of modest sample size.

The LPRC recommends analysis of the sales and shrink data, followed by a bolstering of the offender sample size to see if the Gen-5 tether’s marked streak of offender deterrence continues.


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