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Anti Theft Pull Boxes

Retail Anti- Shoplifting Devices

Quick and Easy Retail store alarming tethers.

CIS Security Solutions now offers a complete line of anti-theft pull boxes that can meet just about any situation.  We carry a large assortment of boxes and most can be customized for your particular application.  Lock up your expensive samples but allow your customers to feel, touch, and try out products using one of our  retractable tether security devices.

Recoilers, retractors, tethers, retractable pull boxes are all the same – the names are only different. Recoilers allow the customer to interact with display merchandise while keeping it safe from shoplifting all the while the display is visually pleasing, promoting sales. These pull boxes secure displayed products in retail stores by using the highest bond 3M VHB tape.

When attempting to cut the cable the alarm sounds before the cable is severed and in most cases the recoiler continues to operate normally after.


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